P4Q will coordinate a new Erasmus + Project

P4q will assume responsibility to coordinate the project “Putting the “unheard gender” in spotlight” which will bring together partner from six member states and Turkey.

The overall goal of the Erasmus+ Project is to promote an innovation process that allows all implementing partners to develop and reinforce gender equality in their training and services arrangements as well as increase their capacity to reach male beneficiaries on a sustained basis, to expand the performance of their training and services arrangements and to ensure advocated the long-term goals.

The project sets up an effective framework for exchange of good practices, compromised to gender sensitiveness, and knowledge transfer concerning the stereotypical and extremely polarised views of masculinity and femininity, mainstream competences, well-equilibrated approach of non-toxic masculinity as well as gender fluidity, and inclusive teaching of heterogeneous groups. Different project activities, on local level of each implementing partner as well as on partnership level, are aimed to initiate capacity-building and network-building activities at three stages:

  • Awareness of the need to be committed to include men-specific perspectives in gender issues as something unique and healthy and to bring benefits of gender equality to all individuals and members of communities and societies;
  • Knowledge of the good practices that allows to transfer appropriate and impactful activities/campaigns concerned about gender equality;
  • Skills in the practical use of the tools and guidelines that should be used in each partner organisation in order to plan, implement and monitor gender sensitiveness across their training and services arrangements.

Highly experienced and committed professionals from Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey will work for a period of 18 months. An important focus will be identifying and sharing good practices